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Learning Management System

With advances in technology, there was the emergence of new tools and strategies that contributed to the evolution of learning processes. Powerful software began to be developed and became a great help in many areas, including corporate education. One of these innovations is the LMS platform, which has brought a great advance to the T&D of organizations.

With this technology, it is possible to provide efficient teaching, with easy access and with several elements that can transform the way of learning and teaching. In addition, it also can bring several benefits to corporate training and, consequently, generate better results.
Keep reading and learn all about how LMS platforms work. And more! We have separated some fundamental tips to assist you in the implementation of this technology.

What Is An LMS Platform?

An LMS platform , short for Learning Management System, is a teaching platform that transports the face-to-face educational environment to the virtual space. It enables online teaching and has a series of tools to make learning more dynamic and complete.

In Brazil, the translation of the acronym LMS is Learning Management System, but it is also known as EAD (Distance Learning) platform. These platforms are often used for the appliance of digital training in organizations, providing cost reduction and optimizing the whole learning process.