What Is An LMS?


Many companies today invest in online training for employees. This is because this type of training offers a series of LMS benefits to the business, such as the possibility for employees to attend training whenever and wherever they want and the possibility of reducing costs.However, when you invest in what is an lms training, you can lose control over what training the company already has, which employees have already participated in them and where these trainings are stored.

That’s where the learning management system (LMS) works as a great ally. It is a software or a digital platform developed specifically for the management of online courses and training. It allows you to create, organize and manage all your company’s capabilities in one place.

What Are The Features Of A Learning Management System?

There are several LMS available in the market and the functionalities of these systems change from one to the other. However, there are some that are essential for the software to be considered as a useful and quality tool.

course Storage

LMS works as a large bank of courses and training for your company. It is possible to store video lessons, complementary materials, tests and other types of audiovisual content that help employees during training. That way, it centralizes all the material needed to complete a particular course in one place!

Discussion Forums

It is important that, throughout the course, employees are able to exchange information with each other and ask questions, even in the distance learning mode. In this way, LMS also allows them to open discussion forums in which they can carry out these activities. You can even make participation mandatory, ensuring that employees actually completed the course.


To ensure that the team learned the content, it can be important to apply knowledge tests, right? This is another feature of the learning management system . It is possible to include knowledge tests that indicate the employee’s performance in the course and how efficient he was in transmitting the content. In addition, some even allow the professional to have access to their performance and wrong questions as soon as the test is over, allowing them to study more what they have not yet fully absorbed.


You know that gamification is a great team development strategy, and can increase knowledge retention and employee motivation in courses, right? LMS can be an ally in this regard. That’s because the software allows you to insert elements of this concept into your training, such as scoreboards, internal competitions and even rewards.

Issuance Of Certificates

Finally, another feature of the learning management system is the automatic issuance of certificates. This means that, when the employee completes the course and obtains an adequate score on the final test, they have access to a certificate that proves this qualification.

What Are The Benefits Of LMS For Your Company?

Using a learning management system can bring a number of benefits to your company and employees. Find out now which are the main ones.

Centralize Your Training

With LMS, you can centralize all your team’s training and development activities in one place. In this way, you are able to access all the indicators related to these activities on the platform, monitor the team’s performance and build more capabilities without needing a large number of different tools for this.

It’s Easy To Use

LMS is designed to be easy to use. This includes HR members, who are able to seamlessly insert and build courses, already using the platform to do so. However, it also includes employees, who are also able to access and carry out training without major difficulties.

Increases Team Motivation

Ensuring team motivation and engagement in training can be a major challenge for most companies. However, by using a learning management system, you can create a fully gamified, enjoyable and easy-to-access training program. In this way, there is an increase in your team’s motivation and engagement rates .

Boosts Company Results

Having a motivated and qualified team, always up to date with the latest on the market, is essential for your company to generate more and better results. With LMS this is possible. On the one hand, this system enhances the acquisition of knowledge by the team, in order to retrain your team. On the other hand, it shows employees that the company cares about their development and career, which increases motivation levels.

As you can see, the learning management system can be a great ally for your company when it comes to training and developing skills and abilities in your team. It brings a series of benefits to the organization and to the professionals who are part of it. So, take advantage and use this new technology to your advantage to boost your business results!

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